100% Grass Fed all natural Angus Beef

Raised the way God meant them to be

Cattle along with a few other grazers

were god given a digestion system that converts grasses into there all out being and actually they are very inefficient at converting grain and corn to meat which lands up into large amounts of fat

Naturally and Humanely

No factory farms or feed lot here all our animals are out on free range pasture under the most stress free environment possible. Absolutely no growth hormones or antibiotics are used on any of our beefers.

Healthy advantages

Grass Fed beef provides a healthy alternate with half the fat and cholesteral found in corn fed and high in omega 3 fats the crucial healthy fat needed in everyones diet

How our beerf sales work


Sold quarter or half

All our grass fed beef is sold by the 1/4 or 1/2 of steer. Final price is determined by Hanging Weight and is weighed by the butcher 


The beef is humanely slaughtered and butchered under USDA supervision, dry aged for 7 - 10 days, wrapped with plastic and freezer wrap and labeled. Vacuum sealing is available at additional 30 cents a pound hanging weight

What do you get?

This is what is typically included in a half of beef: 

- Chuck roast or steak

- Rib roast or steak (delmonico's)

- Brisket

- Short ribs

- Soup bones

- Flank

- T-Bone steak or NY strip steak 

- Tenderloin (filet Mignon)

- Round steak or roast

- hamburger 

- cubes

Package quantity and thickness can be whatever you like

What will it cost me?

The final balance due will be determined after the animal is taken to the butcher. our hanging weights for a half  beef is typically 275 - 350 lbs. This is important to understand as the final price is solely determined by the size of the animal and will not be determined until processing.

For example: 300 lbs hanging weight x $4.50 = $1350.00

How much should I expect and what size freezer do I need

How and animal is butchered can dramatically change the final quantity of actual meat lbs you receive. For example bone in steaks or bone out changes the end weight significantly. with that being said the average finish lbs. is usually around 60 - 65% of the hanging weight. so if you have a 300 lb hanging weight you should land up with roughly 190 lbs finished beef. For a typical half of beef a 10 cubic foot freezer is usually more than adequate.

How do I order

Give us a call and well send you an order form.  For a 1/4 we require a $300.0 deposit and for a 1/2 we require $600.00 deposit. Balance is due at pickup. If your interested don't wait as our regular yearly customers get first dibs and then we sell what is left. We typically butcher around the first of the year and our orders fill already in the fall. 

Price List

Prices subject to change, limited quantities call early