Welcome to our 2019 Red Angus sale page

Listed below is our 2018 calves that are for sale this year. All calves born on our farm have been vaccinated and are DNA tested along with being  scanned for ribye and marbling. This group of calves is the best we've ever had and will help most any program. We pick our cows for only the best structure, feet, udder and temperament and this typically passes along to the calf. All our Calves are guaranteed to breed or we will replace them.  please keep in mind we are a 100 % grass fed operation and our calves are typically a bit lighter than the guys that feed high protein feeds but they will grow out just the same and we feel strongly that this slower growth add's to there longevity. 

Red Angus Calves for sale

Lot # 1 - OSCAR 1802 SOLD


Oscar is on top of the list for a reason with a 54lb birth weight and our top weaning and yearly weight of all our 2018 bull calves, he is powerfull and a growth king along with a calving ease score in the top 16% of the red Angus breed this bull is a Heifer bull deluxe. Oh and did I mention he has a temperament of a Labrador retriever. If you want an easy going herd bull that puts pounds on your calves take a good look at this guy  . $2900.00

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Lot # 2 - TURBO 1803 SOLD


Turbo is a bull calf  from our Lady cow the staple of our program and a genetic powerhouse. He is muscular and attractive along with 10 EPD's in the top 37% with calving ease score in the top 27% and birth weight in the top 17% he will be safe with heifers. He comes from a long background of RA. Brown genetics out of Texas and should make  quite the herd bull. $2800.00

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Lot # 3 - Epic 1806 SOLD


Epic is a bull calf from our Brite cow and he is deep dark red just like is dam. Brite is one of our easiest keeping cows and will basically stay fat on air. Epic is also a great heifer bull with a calving ease score in the top 7% of the red Angus breed and a marbling score in the top 2%. This guy is great looking bull and will make a great herd bull. he is long, thick and as easy going as they get $2000.00

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Lot # 4 - Reba F204 SOLD


This Heifer is really hard to let go but we just don't have the pasture to keep anymore. This was our top growth heifer calf with a marbling score in the top 8% and a ribye score in the top  30% of the breed. her dam is a genetic gem from Broseco ranch out of texas. $4500.00


Lot # 5 - Sarah (Bred Heifer)


Sarah is an EPD powerhouse with 9 - EPD's in the top 25% including a herd builder score in the top 1% of the entire red angus breed. she has the makings of an awesome momma cow with her fertility scores through the roof along with her grandam already having 7 healthy naturaul calves with a 354 day calving interval. $2000.00 She will be AI to  Ra Brown - Prestigious and then pastured to our herd bull Rocky


Lot # 6 - Hazel (Bred Heifer)


Hazel is from a first calf heifer with amazing growth and style. She is in the top 4% for herdbuilder and the top 36% for marbling. She has s super feminine look and is solid just like her dam.  If you want a good momma cow to build a herd around she is it. She will be AI to LSF  Ex-Porter and then pastured to our herd bull rocky $2900.00


LOT # 7 Lakota 1807 SOLD


Lakota is from our Libby Cow and should not be last on the list but one of them has to. She has a herbuilder in  the top 1% , a grid master in the top 4% and a calving ease in the top 7%. need I say anymore, she has 9 EPD's in the top 9% of the entire red Angus breed. Her dam is a mission statement daughter and he has been one of my favorite cow makers. You want to build a herd around a cow this is it. $3900.00 



Cows for sale

Lot # 8 - Lady 1035 w/heifer calf


 This was a hard decision,  but we've decided to give up our staple cow and let someone else get some of the great cows she can produce. We have kept every single female from her while on our farm as she makes some of the best looking, fertile momma cows we ever had. She has had 7 natural calves with a 359 day calving interval and her heifers have never missed the 2-year calving mark. She has a near perfect udder  with really good strutcure and feet. She is in the prime of her life at 8 years old and has a HXC Patent A.I. heifer calf at side born January 28. $4500.00  

Lot # 9 - Brite 3023 w/heifer calf SOLD


This is another cow that's hard to let go but my pastured were destroyed by all the fall rains and i just don't have enough grazing area for them all. Brite is a great momma cow, deep dark red and basically stays fat on air. this is the easiest keeping cow  I have ever owned with a great disposition. She is a paramount cow so she has excellent feet and udder. She has a 103.54 MPPA with 4 natural calves and a 154 day calving interval. She also Has an HXC Patent heifer calf at side born January 19. $3500.00

Lot # 10 - Lil Lady 1609 w/bull calf SOLD


Lil Lady is Epic daughter with a top 4% gridmaster and top 6% for fertility. she is easy keeping and produces some awesome calves. Her first calf sells as lot # 5 and her numbers went through the roof when we had her DNA tested. she has an A.I. Independence bull calf at side born January 30th. This bull calf could easily pay for this cow  next year. $2500.00