You Can't afford not to buy qaulity Hay

Animals like bright green hay for a reason, they like it because its loaded with nutrients that is need to survive. there's plenty of study's by Penn state and others that show significant feed value loss for every hour hay lays out in the sun or gets rained on. Animals need these nutrients one way or the other so weather you feed more grain or more hay to make up for those loses, it cost not to use quality hay.

Made right or not at all

You can see it, smell it and touch it, every small bale we make is made at optimized moisture and timing or it goes into big bales and sold for cattle hay

Hay types for sale

Timothy Hay


Timothy hay is high in fiber and roughage content, and lower in protein levels that makes it a good source of nutrition for horses and cattle. it is highly digestible and very popular with some horse owners. 



Alfalfa is high in protein, highly nutritious hay that is used for higher energy animals or lactating cattle or mares. it also is a bit coarser than grass or mixed hay

Orchard grass


Orchard grass is soft and palatable hay used for horses, goats and sheep. Its high level of fiber at medium levels of proteins great for the all around farm pet. Our grass hay is baled right and zero tolerance for weeds

Alfalfa/Orchard Grass Mix


Mixed hays is our # 1 seller as it combines the softness of grass hay with a boost of protein from the alfalfa. our mixed hay is second to none. Baled between 15-18% moisture and zero tolerance for weeds

Wheat Straw


Wheat straw is typically used for erosion on a newly seeded lawn of for animal bedding

Delivered on your schedule


We have trucks for delivery starting at 60 bales going up to  600 bales. call us with your needs

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